Docker distro on Dockerhub needs more details

In pulling the official Docker install from the hub, the info page does not give key necessary details to successfully run the container. The info page would greatly benefit from listing the necessary environment variables (e.g. USER, USER_PASSWORD, etc). I had to dig around dark corners of the interwebz to find out the details, and only knew because of error messages.

Can you explain in more detail what was missing?

From the github page, I put that stuff front and center:

Docker instances must be opened

USER_NAME=mc (optional)
USER_PASSWORD=mypass (required)
ACCEPT_ORACLE_LICENSE= (required for CRUX image only)

The Docker on shows and links to the readme from the node.js build ( links to Thus, when you go to the info page, you never see the GitHub info for the Docker build at all.

That’s why I couldn’t readily see the variables. In addition, the Docker build could use a bit more documentation for setting up the SSL cert and modding mineos.conf as it’s not quite as straightforward as a pure install. It’s not hard per se, but it’s different enough. There’s some other minor odd notes that would be nice, such as knowing if you want to see the memory use displayed in server status, that needs the Docker to have elevated privilege, etc etc.

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Hi. I’ve been playing with the Docker build somewhat and am somewhat familar. What are you looking for here? I’ve pondered a couple of aspects:

  • should the docker image provide letsencrypt capability, if not, specifically what are you looking for in respect for SSL cert creation, which is currently automatic and creates a local untrusted cert
  • should we expose /var/log/mineos.log elsewhere in order to keep this log (and perhaps other logs across docker image upgrades) - if someone @hexparrot (?) could provide that would be super

btw. you might be interested in: minecraft 1.17 support on a modern OS: mineos-docker/ubuntu-hirsute at master · tucks/mineos-docker · GitHub (PR open)

Happy to update docker info pages etc, I also think it would so with a spring clean as it took me a while to get into it, but I now understand the moving parts.