(Discussion) Updated Beginner-Friendly version of MineOS-Node (2021)

Hey, @JayMontana36 here, it’s been awhile, I know.

So, anyways, straight to the point; the purpose of this topic: suggestions, feature requests, etc. for the next version(s) or variant(s) of my version of the MineOS Linux Distribution. Feel free to drop some.

Currently planned features include (but are not limited to):

  • [:white_check_mark:]Graphical Uncomplicated Firewall (gufw) with local and remote administration profile presets
  • [:white_check_mark:]Custom tweaked Linux kernel and system configuration for better responsiveness/performance
  • [:white_check_mark:]Script(s) to easily toggle between commandline only and gui/desktop interface modes

Additional benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • [:white_check_mark:]Support for newer hardware (released up to 2020) without the need to jump through hoops
  • [:white_check_mark:]Less issues when booting from various storage media types (most common, USB for installation)
  • [:white_check_mark:]Minimal (optional) lightweight desktop environment for ease of access and local administration
  • [:negative_squared_cross_mark:]Ability to more easily utilize wireless networking if you wish (although generally not recommended)
  • [:white_check_mark:]Updating the MineOS Web UI may not necessarily be mandatory post-installation

Currently acknowledged feature requests include:

Currently acknowledged “bugs” or “overlooks” within the 16.04 (old) version/variant:

  • [:negative_squared_cross_mark:]Bug [Will Not Fix]: Oracle Java 8 manual automatic installer script no longer functions.
  • [:white_check_mark:]Bug: EFI/UEFI boot works, but installation fails (requires BIOS/compatibility mode)

Current Status:
~99% complete (public release/revision 1 based upon Ubuntu 20.04(.1)), attempting to figure out why the ubiquity (system) installer refuses to launch.


  • Linux Kernel 5.4 LTS (Linux Kernel 5.9 crashed VirtualBox for whatever reason)
  • OpenJDK (Java) 11
  • Firewall (GUFW/UFW with 4 presets)
  • Very light/minimalist/basic desktop gui (most system configuration/management is done via the local web browser “Pale Moon” (or a remote web browser if you enable remote admin in firewall))
  • Scripts on desktop for updating MineOS and switching between commandline/desktop modes

Agreed, I don’t think there should be any need to cater to 32-bit, since the memory limitation is so low.

If a user wants to serve with old hardware/underpowered hardware, it’s likely they can do so quite successfully without a webui (should be only one server, anyway, with simple user requirements). At any rate, it doesn’t warrant the technical debt of maintaining a second release.

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Hmm it seems I can no longer edit my OP.

But, anyways, update on this: I had gotten this done prior to 2021 (about a week or two before 2020 ended), with the only caveat/issue being that the installer does not work and I have no idea (and have not been able to figure out) why nor any potential workarounds (such as using commandline), and then just completely gave up on it for some other unrelated reasons.

I suppose the point of this now is to simply just show off what would have been, maybe potentially have someone else come up with or figure out a workaround to installing, and/or have some more suggestions sent my way regarding additions or changes that I should make for next time (if there is a next time).

Anywho, here’s the ISO image for TESTING PURPOSES ONLY as the installer doesn’t work/function:

  • MineOS_JM36_20_r1.iso
    • Downloads
    • Checksums
      • SHA256
      • MD5
    • Default/Live Account Info
      • Username: mosusr
      • Password: password

Additional/Extra Information/Details:

  • The majority of your system administration & management tasks/tools are through/in webmin; the firewall is pretty much the only exception to this.
  • I may try rebuilding this over again from scratch with a slightly different configuration to see if I can get this to be a full and proper release, so suggestions are definitely welcomed still.