Disappearing Structures

I’m very new to MineOS, so apologies if I’m not sure what I’m talking about.
So I just imported a single player server world into my MineOS server (I currently have two running servers open, the one I’m talking about is the second server) in version 1.14. I set it up with some plugins (WorldEdit, CoreProtect, OldCombatMechanics and NickNames) and put a custom resource pack on. The server all works fine. (the server is an online one that people outside of my LAN can join) The next day I log on to start working on buildings, log of, and a while later when I log back on, just about all of what I built that day had vanished. There was some water in the structure and it didn’t flow out of the side or anything, it was like a clean cut through the side of one of the rooms, and everything on from that was just gone. What I was working on is one long line of a build with different rooms. I continued to build back what I lost and logged off and on again later. The same thing happened, but this time it happened even further back in the build. I’m sorry this is such a long post and apologies if I didn’t give enough information or explain things properly. I would REALLY appreciate help, otherwise I fear all the work I’m putting into these build will just vanish. Also I spawn into the world in the same position with the same items as when I left. Also any changes I made to structures that didn’t disappear would keep the changes that I made.

i don’t think mineOS would do this it, but can be that your on 1.14? Also because your using plugins its hard to say if it even was mineOS, have you done any test on 1.14 with no plugins or any other servers on mineOS that not 1.14 server? i would love to help if i can.

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I have currently not tested it without plugins, I also temporarily uploaded the server to Aternos and didn’t have any issues on there (same version but fewer plugins) as soon as I can I’ll try testing without plguins

Sorry it’s been a long time since I said anything, but I found that the reason this was happening was because I imported the world incorrectly