Direwolf20 1.7.10

How am I supposed to download Direwolf20 1.7.10 from http://www.creeperrepo.net/FTB2/modpacks^direwolf20_17^1_0_3^direwolf20_17-server.zip and setup the profile.

It doesn’t appear to be downloading. And my buddy said his never changed from a X on the profile to a check mark. His vanilla server is running without issue.

How do I accept the EULA?

How come the server doesn’t seem to properly extract the files to the named folder, only server.configure and server.properties seem to be extracted.

You can accept the eula on first run in that particular server’s main page. Give it a moment and it’ll appear.

Here I thought you were going to do it without needing to ask questions.
that zip file is 136.5mb. It may take a while to download, there is no visible feedback until the file finishes downloading. Maybe you just need to give it time?

OK sorry, gotta ask.

And I am figuring this out. Work on servers for a living, but each new environment and so on, I have accepted the EULA using nano, just easier, and have started the server with a reported success, but the console doesn’t list the server as running.

We’re I’m at right now I have no way to sign onto the server and see if it is actually working. Is there a command line I can run to determine if the server is in fact running?

Hi there Jarli, I just want to clarify a few things for you to get you started.

Firstly, I would strongly recomend that you manually download the file and upload it to the server, this way you can easily have your profile working without having to wait for the download.

When I was working on creating and hosting my own modpack I realised this was an issue too. Mainly because I wanted to be able to distribute the server easily, unfortunately this did not work out so well. After searching the wiki I found some answers that you may be looking for now.

When setting up your profile for the first time Download URL and Save download as are optional. You can switch the type to unmanaged, name your profile whatever you want, but make sure to enter the correct jarfile to run and arguments.

Next create your server, I dont use the automated way because it will take forever to download and I can upload it myself. So, Create a new folder in the “/var/games/minecraft/servers/” called the server whatever you want. Upload the modpack unpacked into that new folder. Then, refresh your MineOS screen and click on the new server that should show up. After that, assign the profile name you set up for it, and click run!

As for accepting the eula you will have to go into the turnkey web ui and use the file manager to edit the eula.txt file in the modpack folder and change the false value to true.

I am sorry I am not so specific on details as to how to do this, but this information plus what you can find in the decently documented wiki should give you all the information you need.

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