Direwolf20 1.12

I installed MineOS from scratch using Linux Mint and Oracle Virtualbox. I assigned 2CPU and 6144MB of memory. Should be more than enough i think.

I downloaded the modpack of Direwolf20 1.12 and created a server with a profile that uses the direwolf jar. I also assigned 4192MB of java memory.

The server just wont start. There is only one logfile in the var/logs folder. I cannot find any logfiles in the /servers or /profiles folders.

Any ideas?

Java 8 is also installed

Do vanilla servers start up without issue?

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I managed to fix this so maybe i can help someone else with this.

Go to your /var/games/minecraft/servers/nameofpack/ and run

sh FTBInstall.sh

Appearantly when you download the package/profile it isnt “server ready” yet.

Sorry for bugging you but i just managed to get it working :slight_smile:

If you’re using a recent commit of the webui (and I would’ve expected the ISO to include it), ftbinstall.sh is a push-button available within the webui when the file is detected.


Well i used that button but it doesn’t work. The iso i used is the most recent one. Downloaded it a few days ago.

The only thing i did was that i downloaded the FTB Beyond 1.7 before this and then deleted it. After that i downloaded the direwolf20 release.

I cannot Think of a reason how this would corrupt that button though. Could it be the webinterface points to a location where the install file doesn’t excist?

Same here had this issue the button wasn’t working, went into winSCP and ran custom command of sh “!” on FTBInstall.sh

I also had this issue with doing a new Revelation server. Couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Possibly I was doing things in the wrong order.
I think I did it like so:

  1. Download profile
  2. Create new server
  3. Change profile of server to revelation
  4. Start and accept EULA
  5. Click on Install.sh button
  6. Nothing seemed to happen, and selecting the two different jar versions available didn’t seem to work(no server startup, and no log that I could find to check for errors).

However when I went and ran the install manually from terminal, started the server once manually, now it seems to work fine from the web UI.