Direct Download Link?


I was wondering if there was a reason that there are not direct links to download the ISO? I am running a server and it would be nice to directly retrieve the file, rather than download to my machine then upload to the server.


I’m not quite sure what you are asking.
I’ll try to anwer from what I understand and think you ask:

The ISO is an installset for a server, and need to be downloaded to another machine to be put on a physical media to be installed on a bare metal server, or as a virtual disk on a virtual machine. The ISO can be downloaded to wherever you want, for exampel a windows server, or linux server, running virtal machines, to use as a virtual install set, or to make boot USB or DVD’s to install an OS on a new server.

IF you have an OS on your server, you can use github to set up MineOS: Installing MineOS - MineOS Wiki
Then you download all necescary files to ther server that is meant to run MineOS. This is the same method you use to update MineOS when new releases arrive.

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