Desktop Environment MineOS

This is just a curious question, not sure if I’m gonna do it but I have a 2 TB SSD that mineOS is installed on I watched this video below showing how to install open box onto a minimal Debian install. Would this work?

Not too afraid of performance loss with the hardware, but would it affect anything else?

MB: MSI Z27-A Pro
CPU: i7-7700k
Ram: 4x8g Corsair vengeance LPX DDR4
SSD: Samsung 970EVO Plus

yes …character requirement

i guess i will also ask what is your requirement for having a desktop environment? Is it for accessibility reasons? like so its easier to navigate around managing your server?

Myself and others can give you some tips otherwise as MineOS really does shine in its entirety if you learn to interface properly with its systems. Not sure what you experience is with Linux overall but learning to navigate a minimal server type install between two computers is a good way to become proficient with Linux.

There is plenty of pointers people here can give you.

Gotcha!! Ended up setting up and openssh so I can access it! Without desktop environment!