Delete profiles Available Server Jars/Packs in Web-UI?

Can we delete Available Server Jars/Packs in the Web-UI? Simply being able to delete the downloaded files. I would think that would be in ‘Available Server Jars/Packs’

Something else that’s important to note especially with heavily modded profiles like feed the beast extra Java arguments are added. Could these extra arguments be assigned within Server Jars/Packs in Web-UI? That way all servers that are created from that specific profile receive the arguments.

Any arguments that are added through Server at a Glance Java settings are server specific.

Yes, but not through the webui. Each profile has an accompanying folder in /var/games/minecraft/profiles. Deleting the directory will delete the profile from being available in the webui (and entirely). This must be done as root. I have no plans for making this functionality available in the webui, but pull requests welcome.

Unfortunately this cannot be done profile-wide. Because of regular confusion over profiles in the previous webui, more often than not, those who edited the profiles.config file often didn’t know how to modify it…and the webui wasn’t too robust at handling invalid user input. This often resulted in a webui that didn’t load or profiles that didn’t work. Right now, everything is clean-slate…if you have the desire to have several servers have the same arguments, there is a decently quick way to do it.

  1. create server #1
  2. create server #2
  3. input java arguments for server #1.
  4. copy to clipboard the java arguments
  5. from the same page, use the server selection dropdown at the top of the page, select #2
  6. paste to clipboard the java arguments

The majority use case of MineOS typically deals with few servers, most often is 1. Making a similar profiles.config file for this new webui would really dampen the simplicity of the webui as a whole–both in users having to look up documentation on how it works and also having to ask for help with things go awry.

Now, I change required education/careful input with a single manual task of copy/paste, which I think on the whole makes for a good tradeoff. I want things to stay simple this time around, and unfortunately I can’t think of a way (personally) to implement profile-specific arguments without large redesign.

You’ve have valid reasons! I’m teaching myself Python as my first programming language and NodeJS should be next.

I’ll continue thinking on it, and if I ever come across a good, clean way of implementing a profiles.config functionality, I won’t hesitate to try to draw up some code and get it to work.

I think I may already have though up something that could work–something I wouldn’t have though of had a) you not requested it and b) me explained why I couldn’t do it.

It definitely pays off to ask–I came up with the design for profiles months ago (and these justifications)–revisiting these things now that it’s in production might give me that extra spark of insight I need to further improve the whole workflow.