Delay starting of multiple servers?

I’m running MineOS on my machine and randomly have servers not starting on reboot. I’m checking in with this on the spigot forums but it also got me thinking.

I have 5 servers starting at once, 4 spigots and 1 bungeecord. Is there some way to delay the start of each server? Perhaps separate each by 10 seconds?

I think the only way is disabling start on reboot in WebUI and @reboot sudo -u mc \path\to\ line in crontab with script like

sleep 10 # To be sure all is loaded
cd /usr/games/minecraft
./ -s myservername1 start
sleep 10
./ -s myservername2 start
sleep 10
./ -s myservername3 start
sleep 10
./ -s myservername4 start
sleep 10
./ -s myservername5 start

In terms of adjusting the python code to do this, it should be fairly easy (even if it’s not yet implemented). The lines we’re looking at are these:

I suspect the code change should pretty much be this at line 114:

    elif args.cmd == 'start':
        from procfs_reader import path_owner
        from time import sleep
        for i in mc.list_servers_start_at_boot(args.base_directory):
                owner = path_owner(os.path.join(args.base_directory, mc.DEFAULT_PATHS['servers'], i))
                print 'starting %s...' % i,
                mc(i, owner, args.base_directory).start()
                print ' done'
            except Exception as ex:
                print ex.message

In fact, I’m pretty much 100% that that is exactly the change required, though I don’t have the chance right now to verify. This might be something I’ll want pushed to all installs, since it seems fairly useful.

Did you implement this in mineos-node?

Yes, this is implemented in mineos-node.

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