Debian 8 startup script

I’m just getting back into MineOS and decided to run it on Debian 8 instead of using the ISO. I used the script from the wiki to automate the install, and it installed and it works, but I cannot build a spigot jar (get the $HOME not set error). After looking through here I saw the discussion concerning user=root in the startup config. Where is this on Debian 8? I do not have one in /etc/init.d/ and cannot find a mineos.service file. My OS install is default, and is usnig systemd.

Well I got the startup script working using the supervisor config, so that’s good. However I still receive “$HOME not set” when attempting to build a spigot jar.

Have you rebooted since switching from the supervisor config? And more importantly, are you sure there’s only one config in place–and config for mineos is 100% gone?

edit for clarification: are you sure the systemd config for mineos has been deleted from the filesystem?

Reboot? Yes, several times. Am I sure supervisor is the only manager on the system? No. It is however the only one I got to work using the steps on the wiki. It looks as though Debian 8 may default to one manager, but has the others installed (?).

I tried using systemd with the init script on github but it wouldn’t work.

Well after some more research I found supervisor will work, but isn’t the default. I removed the supervisor startup, created the systemd service, rebooted, and now it’s working. It just finished making the spigot jar.

For any other debian novice, here’s what I did:

Make the systemd service file for mineos:
cp /usr/games/minecraft/init/systemd_conf /etc/systemd/system/mineos.service
chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/mineos.service

Reload systemd:
systemctl daemon-reload

Give it a shot:
systemctl start mineos.service

Then reboot.

Hopefully that’s it, trying to recall from memory.