Custom Profile


I am new to running a Minecraft server on my own gear. The server right now is running perfectly fine, however we wanted to make some changes and I need a little help.

Currently the server is running on PaperMC 1.18.2. We wanted to migrate off of PaperMC to one that will support both Plugins and Mods. Which we found one called Magma Foundation that works with forge and paper.

Is there a way we can integrate a custom profile into our server that will run Magma?

So far I’ve created a directory in the server via SSH in the profile folder, and have put the Magma Foundation 1.18.2 jar file into that directory using SFTP. I have also added the Magma jar file into a test server file to allow MineOS webui to select that plugin jar. However when I click on the dropdown menu for the profile, I do not see the directory I added.

Any ideas?

Just make a normal server how you would make one for vanilla and then drop the Magma jar file into that servers directory. When you go to the webui it should show up in the drop down menu. Failing that you can define the jar file that it should use by manually adding it into the file.

forgot to mention you may need to restart the webui supervisorctl restart mineos assuming you use turnkey or it can be service mineos restart if you are using sytsemd instead