Current updated version MineOS and Turnkey Linux

The download site shows that the ISO version is still using the Debian Stretch version. Is there a more current version available in an ISO package. I know there are ways to install Debian then install the MineOS as a two step process, but the ISO does a much nicer job, and eliminates any unwanted packages. I’m looking to rebuild my server from ground up (Stretch no longer talks to the repositories, and other hardware issues.)


Stretch is the latest that Turnkey Linux provides, so it’s the latest ISO version MineOS can be released in.

Debatable. If I wanted to build from the ground up, as you’re aiming to do, I’d assert that an installation of a ‘minimal’ or ‘server’ configuration install of Debian would probably give you the most thin install.

MineOS would work fine on any minimal install, because from there, only the known dependencies of the packages listed in the wiki would get installed. With the turnkey ISO, there’s a couple of things that exist but aren’t enabled by default (and are mostly ignored) such as webmin.

When Debian Buster releases on TKL, I’ll release a new ISO. Check out the current Buster+TKL roadmap.

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