Curl not working

I type in curl while logged into root@minos-tkldev, and it says “curl: (6) :Could not resolve host:”. Does anyone know why the curl command is not giving me the public ip address?

I’m thinking it’s a firewall/router issue - apt-get update is giving a similar response. I turned off all firewalls, and that did not work so it must be the router.

Not being able to resolve a name, means your DNS doesnt know how to resolve it.
It doesnt know how to change to
That is an example. is your loop back ip on your computer you are using.
Usually used by devs.

With your second response, you shouldnt just turn off firewall on whatever server you have, once you have internet you might forget to turn it back on and then your server is open to anyone.

I would start with ping, then ping
Which one works, if any…


I think you are absolutely right - DNS problem. I can ping the inet IP as well as connect to inet IP from a separate machine on my LAN. But when I try pinging the broadcast IP, or it cannot resolve. I am pretty new to this stuff, but I thought changing the DNS1 server to and DNS2 server to in my router settings it would fix my issue, but it has not. Do you know what I need to do?

First a broadcast IP isnt usually something on the internet. Its usually limited to your local network.
But unless I read that wrong, you cant ping the numbers or the name for google.
That means the machine you are on doesnt have the IP stack on your machine.
What operating system are you using?

Windows 10. You are correct - I cannot ping the numbers or the name for google.

When I go to my router it can detect the local IP for all my connected devices except for the VM (mineos); however, I am still able to use putty to connect to it from a different machine that is not the host machine.

So you are doing a VM of mineos, on what operating system inside of your windows 10 (host) machine?
You must have networking setup for the VM so you can pass that traffic through to your network, through a virtual router, or allow the VM to have access to your local network.

I have removed alot of info that I was going to originally post as I dont want to come across as brass, and you are a new person in this community.

I take that you are new to all of this and tried to just watch a video that shows you how quick it is to setup a server in a VM on windows 10.

There is some background info that you need to know before you do that.
First I would suggest you find out what OS you chose to use with MINEOS.
I cant remember if there is still an option for turnkey linux that has it all setup.
Most people just use whatever linux OS they are comfortable with and download the MINEOS packages on top of that.

Then find out why the VM isnt passing traffic to your router, or let your VM get direct access to your current local network.

I used the Turnkey Linux that has it all setup. I loaded that ISO into my VM software, and I’m using bridged network adapter for network connectivity.

It appears that my router will pass local traffic to the VM (confirmed through putty), but it is not allowing any external traffic through the modem. I looked on my router and the IP address for MineOS on my VM does not show up as a connected device. I’m not sure what troubleshooting steps to take.

Im guessing this is on your local subnet with your host computer.
I assume you have not setup port forwarding on your router to pass that traffic to your VM.

How are you checking from outside your network?