Creating server from backup always sets owner as root

I’m trying to create a server from an old backup (it was a vanilla server running on a non MineOS distro), creating it works; I can play on it once I switch to root and start it, but no matter which user I log into the Web-UI with the server is always owned by root. This does not happen when creating a completely new server - it’s owned by the user that I create it with (e.g. mc).

I understand having a server running on the root account is not the best, any idea what might be wrong?

the ownership of your folders is set to root. If you’re familiar with linux command line you can navigate to the /servers and /backups and /archive and run:

chmod -R username:username servername

I think that should fix it. Obviously replace username with whatever your username is.

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This is definitely a way to get the permissions running as expected. I’ll look into the code and see why it isn’t already assigning the correct username to start, but chown is the right tool for the job.

chown -R username:group /var/games/minecraft/{servers,backup,archive}/servername

This is a shorthand for being able to do all the servers at once, without having to navigate down the trees. Username and group typically are the same in most circumstances.

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Pardon me, but I think you might mean chown not chmod.


yep, didn’t spot that on both mine and hexparrot’s