Crafting Dead Server Not Working

So im creating a minecraft crafting dead origions modded server my servers run fine on vannilla but it doesnt work on cd it doesnt give me a output log ill send a video

I’ll try running it myself to reproduce the error and document the steps to get it working, but one of the key causes for not staying up is if Java (or the jar) exit immediately.

Is the server pack you’re running have all the required accompanying jars, e.g., the forge installer.jar was run and it downloaded the appropriate forge dependencies?

Can you provide the relevant logs that indicate the server started (because it definitely seems to)?–it will probably indicate what Java/Forge related issue closed the process.

hi Hallzmine,

i looked at the youtube, what i saw was root logged on to transfer files via sftp.

is this true?

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Alright, so here’s what I did and I got it working:

  1. download server files
    leads me to:
  2. copied this file to /var/games/minecraft/import
  3. went into webui, “Import a Server”
  4. Create a server from archive
  5. Chose cauldron-1.6.4....jar
  6. Accepted EULA and hit ‘start’
  7. Server is up and running

Thank you so much could you check what version of the mod your running because i am guessing it is an outdated version but thanks anyway

According to the planetminecraft site I linked, it’s Crafting Dead: Aftermath 1.1.8.

I would predict that any zip file they distribute that comes with all the server jars would have the same process, however, so it shouldn’t matter which version I linked for you to get it up and running, I think.

What version are you trying to use?

The current latest version is 1.1.4-2b Origions which is newer then aftermath meaning that the version your using is an older version I am currently consulting the mod author Thank you for your help.