Could we do FTP access via a web browser?

For people who run custom mods, plugins, etc on their servers, or have friends that like that, could you do a web FTP client link that goes directly to the server’s root folder? I’ve seen web FTP clients as FOSS programs before, so I know it’s doable, I just don’t know how you could integrate it with existing MineOS systems.

MineOS Doesn’t integrate with FTP in any way, but MineOS is simply a minecraft front end…there should be no different steps required to setting up an ftp server of your choice to move files to the server folders

Under the hood you’re working with Debian, so any ftp suite you’re familiar with will definitely work.

I know, I’m able to get FTP working just fine for my own use, I just mean automating it so that average non-Linux-nerd Joe can get access to his files. For example, in my situation, this would be helpful because I have friends who I “loan” VM resources to on an OpenVZ container running Ubuntu 14.04LTS with MineOS. This makes it easy for them to deal with a simple Vanilla server. They’ve all set up Bukkit/more complex servers before, they just did it on Windows, so they used SMB sharing instead of FTP. Thus, it would be cool if there was a way to have some sort of a “click here to browse your files, or login via FTP to thisIP:thisPort with your MineOS credentials” thing. Something that only gives them access to THEIR server directories, as opposed to all of them. Does that make sense or did I do a bad job explaining?

Though it doesn’t integrate in with the web browser in any way, they already can just access their files and no others if they log in with sftp using their username and password. SFTP is the secure file copy method (compared to FTP) which already comes installed on all servers.

If they’ve set up complex servers before, the most they’d need to know to use SFTP is:

  1. how to use an sftp-compatible client (most ftp clients already do this, like filezilla)
  2. know how to navigate to /var/games/minecraft/servers/myserver

The IP address is the same, the port is standard (22), and they have access only to their servers, none others.