Could someone explain how to create a server and give another person access to that server and nothing else?

This is coming from a newbie and I would be fine with a wiki link if nobody wants to explain it but if possible could someone how to give another person a login that would give them access to manage a server and nothing else (eg. creating server, deleting server…)?

MineOS uses Linux’ user management system. When you install Linux (no matter which variant), you’ll have created the root user, and perhaps additional users.

These additional users, like will or bob or what have you will have their own independent user passwords. These users, therefore, can go to the webui IP address and log in with their username and password, granting them access to create a server for themselves, and to delete the servers (and all server-specific actions). Other users’ servers are not controllable through their user.

Thanks! Is there a way to set how much ram they can use as well?