Console does not update

Hello maybe I am the only one witht his problem but my console does not update when a player types something in the chat. The console on the web gui only updates when I type a command in it. So when a player types in game “Hello world”, It does not show up in the console until I execute a command in the console.

Is there maybe a setting like “Console-update:false” that I need to set to true.

I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Greetings Luukth

Due to technical limitations of the webserver that drives the MineOS scripts (Python Cherrypy webserver), auto-updating is not available.

Sending a command will update the page, as will clicking on the ‘console’ button on the left (which is preferred over the refresh button of the browser).

The web-ui–by design–is restricted to asynchronous polling, which makes making a live-updating console impractical. If you’re interested in live consoles, consider connecting via PuTTy to your gameserver’s screen, which is live and interactive.

How can I connect to my server with putty. Wich port do I need to use

Here’s a quick tutorial on putty from my wiki.

To connect to your running server, with your non-root user (such as mc):

$ script /dev/null
Script started, file is /dev/null
$ cd /usr/games/minecraft/
$ ./ -s zing console

replace zing with the name of your running server. You’ll drop right into the command-line based console that the minecraft server jar offers.

Please note, you’re in what’s called a screen instance/virtual terminal. As such, you may want to brush up on dealing with screen and navigating your way around virtual terminals.