Connection refused after starting up server

Mineos version: Binhex-mineos-node
platform: Unraid


I have recently started a MC eternal server. I wasn’t fully aware how to create a new server but the server is working. My method was to create a server on my windows pc and simply cut/paste all the folders into the unraid directory. I am able to start the container and connect to the webgui with no problems. However when I start the server, after around 5 minutes or so I will refresh the page to look at the logs and then receive a “connection refused” for the web gui. The odd thing is the server is still running and I am able to connect to the server in minecraft with no issues. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get the web gui to work unless I restart the container. I have port forwarded my mc eternal instance and friends are able to join with no issue even when I am receiving a connection refused.

I did not use the import server wizard on initial setup
besides a tps issue with the modpack, no crashes or issues with the server while it’s up

What happens when you package the server files in a ZIP or TGZ archive and drop it into the import directory. Then use the WebUI to import a new server?

The minecraft servers are separate from the webui, so that explains why the servers remain up.

For why the webui goes down, we need to look at /var/log/mineos.log

hmmm I’m not quite sure where that mineos.log file would be located on unraid. It’s not saved in the mineOS directory is it?

I am opening my logs folder located in:


there are no logs in this folder however.