Configuring MineOS in a Docker Container using TrueNAS Scale


I’m trying to install MineOS into a Docker container running on TrueNAS Scale v. 20.12.0. Using the “Launch Docker Image” wizard I set the following:

  • Application Name: mineos
  • Image Repository: hexparrot/mineos
  • Image Tag: Latest
  • Port Forwarding: Container:8443 → Node: 9443 (TCP)
    *Port Forwarding: Container: 25565 → Node: 25565
    *Host Path Volume: Host Path: data folder in dataset → Mount Path: /var/games/minecraft
    *Privileged Mode: True

These settings were able to get the docker container online. However, I’m unable to access the WebUI through port 9443. I’m getting a “the server unexpectedly dropped connection” error. Below you can find the docker container log report.

2022-12-24T17:55:13.009277145Z USER_PASSWORD not specified, generating random password.
2022-12-24T17:55:13.010463973Z *******************************************************
2022-12-24T17:55:13.010477296Z Password set to: MDQ5ZTA0YjNlYjhmZWM3
2022-12-24T17:55:13.010482431Z *******************************************************
2022-12-24T17:55:13.010738124Z GROUP_NAME not provided; defaulting to “mc”
2022-12-24T17:55:14.859941756Z Created group: mc (gid: 1000)
2022-12-24T17:55:17.445631920Z Created user: mc (uid: 1000, gid: 1000)
2022-12-24T17:55:17.445672558Z Setting user password for ‘mc’
2022-12-24T17:55:17.456131528Z Setting use_https to: true
2022-12-24T17:55:17.457050432Z Setting server port to: 8443
2022-12-24T17:55:17.458618735Z Generating Self-Signed SSL…
2022-12-24T17:55:17.465194691Z Generating a RSA private key
2022-12-24T17:55:17.525251499Z …+++++
2022-12-24T17:55:17.568654007Z …+++++
2022-12-24T17:55:17.568762746Z writing new private key to ‘.tmpkey.pem’
2022-12-24T17:55:17.569980743Z -----
2022-12-24T17:55:17.576967501Z writing RSA key
2022-12-24T17:55:17.581850346Z Setting https to true
2022-12-24T17:55:17.682917552Z 2022-12-24 17:55:17,682 CRIT Supervisor is running as root. Privileges were not dropped because no user is specified in the config file. If you intend to run as root, you can set user=root in the config file to avoid this message.
2022-12-24T17:55:17.682943612Z 2022-12-24 17:55:17,682 INFO Included extra file “/etc/supervisor/conf.d/mineos.conf” during parsing
2022-12-24T17:55:17.685298488Z 2022-12-24 17:55:17,685 INFO RPC interface ‘supervisor’ initialized
2022-12-24T17:55:17.685322604Z 2022-12-24 17:55:17,685 CRIT Server ‘unix_http_server’ running without any HTTP authentication checking
2022-12-24T17:55:17.685515059Z 2022-12-24 17:55:17,685 INFO supervisord started with pid 1
2022-12-24T17:55:18.689511403Z 2022-12-24 17:55:18,689 INFO spawned: ‘mineos’ with pid 50
2022-12-24T17:55:19.918974889Z 2022-12-24 17:55:19,918 INFO success: mineos entered RUNNING state, process has stayed up for > than 1 seconds (startsecs)

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