Complete Reinstall Needed

I’ve been happily running MineOS for almost seven years (thanks hexparrot!) when the webUI profiles stopped loading properly earlier this year. I’ve tried every fix I could find on these forums, but nothing seems to work. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m probably just going to need to completely reinstall MineOS, and have unsuccessfully tried for the past couple of hours.

I guess I want to know if there’s some sort of instructions to completely uninstall MineOS so I can start from a clean slate and reinstall it all again.

I’ve actually been able to get it back to the point where I can load the webUI normally, but the profiles page won’t update no matter what I’ve tried.

Have you tried running the reset commands again after getting it working?

I have come to a similar point as you, OP, so I am curious about what you decide to do. I have had issues with updating the webui and my profiles won’t load.

I had an issue with an older version of the distro, and ended up scraping the build and upgrading to the current ISO version. If you go down this path, then back up your worlds

HAve you been running the same MineOS install for seven years? Wow.
I suspect your issue may be ffrom the fact that a lt of development have happened since then.

  • Mineos was remade from python to Node.js
  • The downloadlinks the profiles use to get the different minecraft versions have changed several times
  • Java has been updated several times
  • the Node.js version itself has started to grow old with old dependencies
  • the next gen MineOS is in the works (MineOS Ruby), but is not ready yet

So if you’re running a seven year install, I am afraid a reinstall is the easiest fix to your problems. Take archive copies of all your servers, copy out the archive files to a safe location on a USB drive, another machine, the cloud, wherever as long as it is not on the same machine as your current install. Download a fresher ISO, or download another prefered linux variant (I use Ubuntu server) and use the instructions on the wiki to install MineOS on top: