Commands being sent to wrong server

I’m having a problem with MineOS and I’m not sure where to start troubleshooting. I have two servers called SuperCraft and SuperCraft_2 … when I’m in the WebUI and I send the restart command to the SuperCraft server, the SuperCraft_2 server shuts down. I can go to it in the WebUI and bring it back up without any problems.

I feel like there’s something that got mixed up somewhere and the WebUI thinks that the SuperCraft_2 processes are actually the SuperCraft processes. I tried to dig into the code a bit, but I couldn’t find any where to start troubleshooting the issue. Any advice on where I should be looking?

This is a weird bug that pops up occationally when two servers have names that have too much in common. If I remember right @hexparrot have tried to look into it after I reported the same error, but was unable to reproduce it.

I have the same problem with two servers named “Frodo” and “FrodosPocket”, where one is a vanilla, and the other is a Pocketmine.

Ahh, I actually saw your post when I was searching for mine, but it looked like it was an older post. Do we know the mechanics of how it searches for which pid to kill/restart? I wonder if it’s done via a Grep and it’s just returning the first result.

I am not quite sure, but I somwhat expect that the error lies in the handling of the screens containing the different servers. This is because even though I issue the stop command through the log-command input it is somewhat random which one of the two that stops. That input window should be a command directline into the active window, and works perfectly for all other commands.

As I said , it is a weird error…

edit: it more often than not stops the right server thoug, writing “stop” in the server command console below the logs, but occationally it stops the other server in stead…

Hmm, for what it’s worth the behavior on mine seems pretty consistent … but I’ve only run into this today, so… :slight_smile: