Combining two instances of mine-os turnkey into one Web-UI?

Hello, if you didn’t understand the question from the title, I’ll explain it in more detail.
I have three completely different computers, all capable of running Mine-OS, and in fact do, but I would like to be able to manage all of the servers throughout all three machines through one UI. If there is any way to do this, please tell me. Thank you if you do.

Based on MineOS’ primary target audience–individuals running one or more servers typically within the resources of a single host machine–the webui has been developed accordingly: each physical machine hosts its own webui.

There is no way to manage any other server than the one whose webui you are connected to, since the webui depends on actual username/groups that exist only on a given Linux system. The design you’re asking for isn’t technically implausible by any means, but it just happens to not be the design I chose for MineOS.

The closest you can get to what you’re asking for is to have one main system with the WebUI and one or more extra systems with the WebUI, the main system runs Waterfall (or BungeeCord) and as many servers as that system can run, and the extras will have more servers that will be connected via via Waterfall/BungeeCord. Then there are a few tricks/tweaks in Webmin you could use on the main system to forward certain ports to extra servers (like connecting to https port 8443 on the main system would bring up the main panel, and https port 8444 on the main system would redirect you to https port 8443 on on the extra system, and so on) but honestly all of that really wouldn’t be needed/necessary, as you can just configure most/all servers to be up on boot, and configure them in a Bungee network and you’ll be set.

I’ve been working on a tutorial related to this topic for awhile though, regarding routers and possibly better security/lockdowns that is actually pretty easy to set up but hard to explain.