[Closed] Is MineOS still alive?


I’m using MineOS for more than one year now, without any issue so far.

I love the software, the webui, and everything you done there, this is great work for the community.

But as I see that the latest release was from 2014 and that the older commit is from one year ago, I’m a bit afraid that MineOS is dead. Even on this forum I don’t see any news younger than a year ago.
There is 6 branches, 10 issues and one pull request on the github repo, so it seems to have work on-doing but since ages. (I’m talking about mineos not mineos-node).

I did not find any fork either (is there any?). I would love to continue the work by myself but I don’t know anything about Python (yet), and it would be a lot of work on a single pair of shoulders, and incompetent ones.

Hoping to get some news.


After some reading, I may have written shit. Is mineos-node is the “new” repo for “mineos” ?

Mineos Python is the one I guess you are calling “MineOS”

The current version of MineOS is MineOS node, and is still under support, but in feature freeze (for the most part). This means that bugs and things that hinder MineOS from working properly is being fixed, but requests for new features are pushed to the next generation.

The next generation is MineOS Ruby, and is under development. Early releases are available.

So MineOS is most definitely alive still :slight_smile:

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Great to read that ! : )))