Client will not connect

I have downloaded the latest version of mineOS Turnkey and installed on my new server and ran a few commands to make sure it was updated and purged java 7 and installed java 8. Am I forgetting something on getting my client to connect to the server, it is on a temp IP which I have ticked the broadcast LAN box. I see it only there and it will not connect I get, “java.netConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information:”

What’s a temp IP?

Are you using 25565?

The servers IP is and I’m using the port 25169. from outside LAN I use can’t see it from internet, but I can see it via LAN in client it attempts to connect but gets times out with the error, “java.netConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information:” guess I was tired last night Today I noticed the worlds were not created, even if the webui says server is up. Not sure why server will not load. found IP typo but still can’t connect to server, WINSCP can connect via LAN and over internet. Having trouble to get webui to connect via internet, but works LAN

Firewalled on nonstandard ports:

Open it up for nonstandard ports, such as 25169 and you’ll connect.

I have opened the 25169 port on my router, pointed it to

Did you follow the instructions for the firewall I just linked to you?

I forgot about the firewall on the server, my old server been running so long with no issues, totally forgot about the iptables, will fix that tonight and most likely work great. the Webui uses a different port then 8080, right. I have it port forwarding to 8080 not the correct port that’s why webui is not connecting

Ok got the vanilla server running, took some time to figure out how to get a Spigot server to start. Now I can copy both of my servers over to new Server.