CLI (command line) browser included in MineOS (Turnkey)?

Is there a CLI-based browser included in MineOS Turnkey like Links, Lynx or w3m?

It would be useful for people with a MineOS server sitting BEHIND a proxy/firewall that requires a username and password to access the Internet when the normal setting up of proxies “Acquire::http::proxy…user@server:password” does not work, and updates have to be downloaded and Minecraft authentication has to occur in order to start the game.

I thought that I could use lynx to open up the firewall temporarily to update Mineos and get the craftbukkit/spigot .jars downloaded and set up.

(edit: Just had a conversation with a local Linux geek who said “sure just apt-get lynx if it isn’t in your distro…”.and wondered why I laughed sarcastically and told him to listen to what my problem was)

Not sure why using apt-get install lynx wouldn’t work. I don’t use lynx nor a proxyed firewall so not sure how to get around that.
I was able to successfully install it and run it.

Were you able to successfully browse the webui with it?

I figured that much of the underlying javascript and real-estate layout would be mangled badly beyond usability with a text-based browser…

That said, if you want to do thing in command line, the best place to go is: mineos_console.js, which is about 90% of the webui in a way that is command-line friendly.

The things that you cannot do in the command line (that exist only in the webui) are the downloading of profiles, building of bukkit, and probably a few other things. The key is that anything server-specific (like controlling commands for starting, backing up, archiving, restoring, etc.) can all be done through this CLI interface.

This is because if it’s server specific, it exists in mineos.js, but these other features are functions of server.js, the backend to the webui.

Admittedly, this iteration of MineOS is really designed for no less than the complete css-aware, javascript-enabled web browser.

The site loaded, but as to be expected, it was completely useless.
And I may have read the OP incorrectly as I thought the lynx was only needed to be used as a gateway through the proxy firewall.

Of course, another solution would be to install a version of Xserver to get a GUI browser installed, configure VNC and access it from a remote client.

have you tried this?