Change Server RAM

How can I change the RAM of a Server-Instance? I´ve created the Server with 2GB and want to change it to 8GB.

Any help?

What type of server? A minecraft server in MineOS? Or a virtual server hosting MineOS?

If Minecraft: In the WebUI: stop server. Type in the new RAM limits you want. Start server

In a virtual host:
Stop your server instance. Use your virtual host administration panel to edit your host. open the page defining memory available. Type in what you want. Start vhost again. Exactly how this operation is done depends on your type of Virtual Machine Manager (Virtualbox, Microsodt hyper V, others…) .Adding memory on a virtual host is just as adding memory on your computer. you just add it, and your computer discovers and uses it.


thanks for your answer. I want to change the MC Server RAM. But I don´t see any option for this

Remove the selection for “This is not a conventional minecraft server”. That option is only used for (for example) bungeecord servers, or loadbalancing servers. For normal game servers you run without that selected. Removing that selection will reveal all the settings for a minecraft server.

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