Change Server Name

What is the easiest way to change a server’s name? Example: I am done testing the ‘test’ server so I want it to be known as 'server’1.

I would say that the easiest way is to create a new server with the new name, then copy the contents (files & Stuff) from the old server directory over to the new one.

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I was thinking about that as well, but I hoped I missed some easy right-in-front-of-me button. Thanks!

We could always put in an RFC to @hexparrot for the possibility to implement namechanges for servers, but the number of files and directories that would need to be renamed makes a simple button a bit complicated:

There is the direcorty name in the following directories: Servers, Archives, Backups. Then all the files in backups and archives need to be handled somehow. Ether archived into a single new archive, or renamed. And as the age of the server, and the number of backup and archive files increase this is starting to get interesting…

Sooo. The simplest way is to make a new server, then copy files :slight_smile:

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This is definitely one easy way to do it, but you can do one better to use the Archive functionality. Stop the server, create an archive, then from the server’s archive page click “Create server from archive”. This will effectively create a brand new server with no backup history, etc. with precisely the new name you want it to have.

Alternatively…you can also stop the webui and then just rename all the server directories to what you want it to be, e.g., /var/games/minecraft/{servers,backup,archive}/servernamehere.

Stopping the webui would be part of the steps because once /servers/servernamehere exists, the webui will auto create the backup and archive directories, and then you’ll start running into notices that the directories already exist, yadda yadda. Doing this will preserve any archives you’ve made (and backups too), but since it was a test server up until this point, this might instead be overkill–and since it’s just a test server going production, I’d say that the Create new server from archive is the preferred approach.


Good to know. Thank you very much!

After posting this I saw Hexparrot’s comment saying the same thing. Oops

The easiest way that I have found is to create an archive of your current (test) server. Then go into the archives tab, click actions and choose “create server from archive”. It will ask you to give it a new name but everything else will be the same.

This method could also be used to create a test server from a live one if you are wanting to try out new mods or java arguments.

Much less hassle than copying files in the back ground and can be done in a few clicks.