Change Archive format to ZIP?

Hello. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can change the file format of archives to zip instead of the default TGZ archive format. All of the forum/wiki information I could find is outdated or doesn’t apply. I can’t find any of the files that are being mentioned.

Can someone help me figure out which file/script/config that I need to edit and where it is located? I’m using MineOS plugin on FreeNas 11.3. I’ve searched through the wiki and forums… I’m totally stumped here. Please help me if anybody knows.

I’ll summarize my objective here:
I want to make the “Create Archive” button in MineOS Web UI to create a ZIP format archive instead of TGZ. I want to change the filename of the archives that are created.

I know someone is going to ask me so I might as well answer it before you ask:
Yes… I know I can use 7 Zip in windows, I know ZIP is a crappy archive format…

Any help or pointers related to finding/editing the applicable script/config file here would be REALLY appreciated. Thanks so much in advance

EDIT: I’ve located a section in mineos.js that refers to the archive command… I think. Maybe someone can further assist me with getting this script edited so that it creates windows-friendly ZIP archives? Here’s the section of the code:

self.archive = function(callback) {
var strftime = require(‘strftime’);
var binary = which.sync(‘tar’);
var filename = ‘server-{0}{1}.tgz’.format(self.server_name, strftime(’%Y-%m-%d%H:%M:%S’));
var args = [‘czf’, path.join(self.env.awd, filename), ‘.’];

I know how to get the changes written to the file, but I don’t know enough about what archiving commands I need in this mineos.js script to make this work.

I believe tarball is the native archiving package Linux uses, and I’m not sure if zip is installed.
But if it is installed, this website, I think, does a decent job at explaining the steps.
How to Zip Files and Folders in Linux

You should be able to modify the variables to meet function that matches what is required for zip.

But that is my guess.