Can't Update WebUI

I’m running MineOS Turnkey.

I’m unable to update the webui. As root, I enter /var/games/minecraft and run git fetch. Here’s the output:

fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

There doesn’t seem to be anything in the directory other than these folders:

archive backup import profiles servers

Any help would be appreciated!

Turns out my MineOS is so old I should have been running that command in /usr/games/minecraft instead. It’s as up-to-date as it’s going to get.

Is there an easy way to update the webui to the Node.js one?

Both webuis are installed to /usr/games/minecraft, and both webuis save the server data to /var/games/minecraft.

No–there unfortunately is no way to go from one to the next in any clean or automated fashion. This doesn’t mean that you must reinstall Linux, but in most cases, it’s often preferable than uninstalling the previous webui and then the new one atop it.

My personal recommendation is to either spin up a virtual machine or an alternate server and try out the new webui. You can then practice the process of moving your servers from one machine to the other (in preparation for when you do it with your actual production box). When you feel suitably familiar with the new webui and successfully moved the servers, it’ll be mere minutes before you can have your existing servers on your preferred server box with the NodeJS webui and the import feature.

Again, it is by no means required to re-install, but in my experience over the years, many users have run into unexpected troubles of not fully removing the old webui and running into extended downtimes or other issues.

Yeah, for some reason, I thought I had to do the update in /var/games/minecraft. I guess I didn’t read the instructions very closely.

As for updating the webui, I won’t bother if that’s the case. My server’s been going strong for 2+ years, and I have no reason to reinstall if it continues to serve me well in its current state.

Thanks for the reply, Hex.