Can't sucessfully setup a Spigot server

I installed MineOS on an old PC two or so months ago, and successfully made a vanilla world which worked perfectly (a complement to your OS). That basically sums up my entire Linux experience; I’m a complete novice.

Recently I have wanted to add protection plugins and the like to make my server a little more people friendly. After some research I decided the way was Bukkit. Alas, the takedown has made that unavailable. So I tried Spigot.

Here’s what I did (all logged in as mc):

-Custom Profile:
- profile name: spigot
- type: Standalone, runnable JAR
- Download URL:
- Save download as: BuildTools
- Jarfile to run: BuildTools
- Jarfile arguments:

Updated the profile, got a tick mark. Created a new server with the spigot profile. Says the server is successfully created. When I go to run it, it says it was successfully started, but it does not progress beyond that. It remains Offline, even after repeatedly telling it to start.

I have tried manually dragging the .jar across with WinSCP. No luck. However, that was as Root and from what I read there may be a permissions problem involved.

Running the server on my main PC with Git Bash seems to work, loads of files get downloaded and whatnot (so no problems with the file).

Am I doing this right?

Profiles are just a shorthand way of running a simple Java command, but from the webui.

In your case, the webui will execute the following command each time you hit start: java -jar BuildTools -xmx1024M -xms1024M NA

although it was probably unintentional that you left .jar off of each of those two values, it incidentally isn’t causing any problem. The problems are these:

  1. Running buildtools repeatedly will only ever download and build the expected jar–it won’t execute the server and make it playable.
  2. NA isn’t an appropriate argument. Having that filled in May be causing a syntax error and keeping BuildTools from running.

Take a look at the wiki–the forge link–for some insight on what should be a profile and how to configure it.

That said, what you have to do is a 2 step process, one to download/build and one to run the server.

Making a profile is rather needless for download/build, so you might consider using spigots official instructions to download and build the jar. Then, create a profile (“unmanaged”). Unmanaged profiles reduce the need to learn profiles and instead just focus on the admin moving the jar file into the live server directory instead.

I put NA here to show that I felled in nothing in the actual box.
Thanks for the reply! I’ll get round to that when I next have time, and post my results.

Okay. Not really a solution.
I found a download link on the Spigot website to the craftbukkit.jar file. It works with 1.8.1, so latest version. I then setup a standalone type profile and it worked just fine. Thanks for the help, turns out bukkit is a bit easier than Spigot!

If you ever want to run a spigot server, run the jar you tried to put as the download link using this guide: . The reason you were having trouble earlier was the jar was a server jar builder, not a server jar itself. Then make the unmanaged profile and put the finished jar into the corresponding place.

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Thanks! Good to know.

Buildtools.jar is not the “server” is a set of scripts that “build” a bukkit and spigot jar file for you. The spigot.jar files that are made are the “server” you use.

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Greenwave did just mention that.