Can't stop server

I’ve setup an Infinity server on my FreeNAS using MineOS.
I’ve had much trouble getting a server up and running, but this thread isn’t about that.
When I try to stop/restart or kill my server I get
[Infinity] stop failed

Even if I restart my server the server is shows as UP (which I’m very sceptic about).
Am I missing something?

Is the infinity server the only one you are running?

If so: Open a shell prompt and run
“sudo killall java”

That will kill all java processes, and make sure your minecraft servers are down. It is a dirty way of doing it, as the server is just killed with no opportunity to save it selv first (as it does with the stop command). When using killall instead for stop, you should also in the MineOS commandprompt write “save-all” to save the world to disk first ,or risk loosing everything since the last save.