Can't start any server from 1.15 and up

Just installed MineOS Turnkey yesterday and I’ve been trying to get a 1.17 server running for 12 hours straight now but all the .jar newer than 1.14 aren’t launching, I updated MineOS and java but still, no luck and now I’m out of ideas.

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Just gonna reply here saying that i am having the same problems going on for now, it might be that MineOS has an older java i think but i have no idea how to update it because when i try to run the server from the command thingy it says this:

update: i found how to update java MineOS is using java 11 but for 1.17 you need Java 16 which is linked below

you have to make sure you are only running java 16 or newer - in command shell w/ su, run: java -version and it will show all the java versions on your build, fyi it is not recommend to run more than 1 version of java for minecraft, i am lucky enough to have a true server running vsphere (vmware) and i actually have to mineos servers running - 1 with java 8 for modded servers (forge, etc…) and 1 with java 16 just for 1.17