Can't run a 1.13.2 server

i’m completely new to mineos and linux in general - servers i set up work completely fine, except servers above 1.11.2, i’m assuming it’s an issue with the Java version as the hardware i am hosting from is 32 bit, and there are no MineOS versions i can download that have Java 8.

would it be possible for me to download and install Java 8 on older hardware?

In fact, all versions of MineOS should be coupled now with Java 8. Can you share with me the URL you downloaded MineOS’ iso from? I definitely want to fix that, as Java 8 is the default packaged java for quite some time now.

That said, even if Java 8 is installed, because it’s just Linux, you can install a new Java atop it, whether its the oracle version or Openjdk above 8. MineOS Turnkey is Debian, so you can find corresponding instructions.

I feel like I’ve missed something incredibly obvious, but the only download links i found were from here and the only Java 8 download seems to only be 64 bit

looking at it now though i feel i’ve interpreted JDK 7 as Java 7. could it be that my hardware is somehow unable to manage a 1.12+ server?

okay, so i’ve looked into updating to JDK 8 and Java 8 and neither of those were the issue, as i’m still unable to launch a 1.12+ server.

1.11.2 servers still work completely fine, however.

re downloading the profile and following the instructions for updating to java 1.8 here seemed to help.

the original MineOS i downloaded was only java 1.7 for some reason.

sorry for the spam, and sorry if the problem was obvious, i’ve never used ubuntu before today lol