Can't install any spigot versions


can please someone help me, i have tried 10000 options but nothing works for me, when i add a profile like “spigot 1.14” and i do everything that is needed to as “put a link ect”. but every time when is start the server the server won’t respons, i see in the right corner server started but he will not go to online
can please someone help me ! (sorry for my bad english)

I created the server with basic info, Server name, game difficulty, and game mode.
Then I went into the profiles, and downloaded the buildtool for spigit.
Once downloaded there is a spigiot option on the left that appears.
Download the version you want.
Once its ready, you will see a “copy to server”
Select the server name you started with.
Goto the server itself, hit "accept EULA, then start. Give it a minute.
Even on my ibm 3650 server it took about 45 seconds to come up.
Stopped it and then it responded much faster.

Hope that helps.

thanks man, i will try this i hope this will work

HAHAHA now I cant seem to just stop the server, I have to hit kill instead… odd.