Cant get to mods folder with putty

I am a noob to all this, but i got everything working with vinilla, even port forwarding. but with mods, i have no idea how to get them to the server itself. i got putty and loged in with mc@(my ip adress) and got in a putty session, and i tryed the /var/games/minecraft/Test_2/mods and nothing worked. it said no such folder. ive doubble checked everything and idk where i went wrong. so, how to i get the mods to the mod folder?

You mean “/var/games/minecraft/servers/Test_2/mods

yes, and how would i get the mods from my pc to the server

By using a program supporting the SFTP protocol, such as WinSCP for Windows, or natively in most Linux Desktop distros including Mac OS X.

PuTTY can actually be used in conjunction with WinSCP somewhat btw (WinSCP allows you to pop open a PuTTY window opening a SSH session for an existing SFTP connection)