Can't connect to MineOS server on local network

I can’t connect to my Minecraft Server. Here are my properties:

I don’t know what to type to connect to the server on Minecraft if that is the problem.

You need to type in the server ip into your game client of the computer/server that Minecraft is running from.

You can achieve this multiple ways.

  • Look in your router and find the ip of your server
  • Depending on what Linux Distro you are using you can use either ifconfig or ip address commands on your servers cli.
  • The confconsole(the blue screen) will have the servers ip on it if you have that screen type confconsole to see it.

You can also just type localhost into your servers ip field in the in game minecraft server browser and it should popup in the list.

You can also just tick the “broadcast to lan” option in the webui and it should show up in game too.

I tried using localhost and the IP address that I got from the console and it didn’t work. I also checked the broadcast to LAN

If you’re not using the MineOS install CD/image you’ll have to open the firewall ports. Consult help for your distribution.

If he installed it locally he doesn’t need to open any ports. Never do this if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Based on this screenshot he should be fine with the IP of the Computer MineOS is running on and the Port 25565.
Without more info, there is no more help that can be done.

If he installed it locally on the same machine that he’s running Minecraft, then yes. If it’s local network, different machine, the MineOS machine still needs the ports opened to accept any traffic on that port.

On local network he doesn’t need to open any ports.
I’m running mineOS on my homeserver and Minecraft on my PC. Never opened any ports.

Perhaps that means you’re not running a firewall.