Can't connect to Minecraft server after setting up

Hello, I set up a MineOS server using this guide: MineOS Webui on Ubuntu Server 20 | mineos-node and followed everything exactly. I am able to get to the Web UI and create a new server. However, after trying to join the server in Minecraft, I get this error message:

I am new to MineOS and don’t know much about servers. Also, this happens when I setup a 1.8.9 server or a 1.20 server.

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Are you trying to connect over LAN or overt the internet?

If you are connecting over LAN:
use the servers LAN ip adress to connect to the server.

If you are connecting via Internet:
Use your external IP (google “what is my IP”) after setting up port forwarding

via the internet. Sorry, I didn’t realize I had to port forward. Thanks!