Can't access Web-UI after installing java 8

Hi there,
i am new here but i already read alot. Can’t realy find a something close to my problem.
I am using the Mineos Plugin on Truenas core
For my FTB Infinity Server to work i did install java 8 with this

pkg install -y npm openjdk8-jre

I managed to get my FTB Server running with the java_binary=/usr/local/openjdk8-jre/bin/java in the server config.
When i restart the jail the minos web ui wont work anymore no matter if i do the mounting or not (maybe i do it wrong).

After updating the jail (workaround) the java 8 installation is deleted and the web ui works again.
So is there away to keep the java 8 installation and the web ui running?

Seems like the web ui doesn’t like java 8.

No the WebUI does not like java 8 because it needs java 17. check the home path is using the right version.

i know that the webui uses java 17. can u elaborate. where can i check the home path which the web ui is using. when i run the it fails after roughly the half

Did some more research and found in




is it possible that i need to change something here to tell the webui to allways use the default java 17 version and still have java 8 for my 1.7.10 FTB server?

here is the code from the java.js file

async function usedJavaVersion(sc, callback){
    var child_process = require('child_process');
    var which = require('which');

    var java_binary = which.sync('java');
    var value = ( || {}).java_binary || java_binary;

    var java_version = child_process.spawnSync(`${value}`, ['-version']);

    var stdout = java_version.stdout.toString();
    var stderr = java_version.stderr.toString();

    var toReturn = stdout ? stdout.split('"')[1].split('"')[0] : stderr.split('"')[1].split('"')[0];

    callback(null, toReturn);
    callback(null, `Error accessing location '${value}'`);


module.exports = {usedJavaVersion};

You don’t need to install java 8 through your package manager because it does not need to be system wide just follow this guide and save yourself some headaches.

This was intended for older Turnkey and Debain distros that are hard to get java 8 for but you can still apply this logic to your scenario.

Thank you for your help. Since your last Answere i gave up using the mineos plugin and installed a ubuntu server vm on my truenas.
And added mineos on the ubuntu server with help of this guid:
now everything is working perfectly fine.
But thanks for your effort.

Well that is a better way to do it MineOS is better suited to being installed on bare metal or in a hypervisor where it is simulated like it is on baremetal, basically what you have done now.

The plugin to my knowledge is unofficial and most people are not using this method. Well at least over here anyway you would have to go over to the plugin/Truenas community for better support with the plugin.