Cannot use SFTP as the machine refuses to connect (WinSCP)

hope you can forgive me for my bad english and my ignorance of Linux, so let’s start with my issue.
A week ago i installed on my old pc (hdd) MineOS jm36, i somehow got it working and connected, then i got myself a cheap ssd (Maxon 240gig) and installed the os with the same pen drive on the same pc, apart from the disk.
I have been trying to access the server with sftp (WinSCP) for four hours, but it continues to refuse the connection even after setting the firewall to accept all connections.
The MineOS UI works perfectly as I expected, as the port forwarding rules were the same as the other installation …
I tried to install mineos-node_stretch but it gives me error: mounting / dev / sdb1 on / cdrom failed no such device.
At this point, what should I do, keep trying with the jm36 version or install the mineos-node_stretch version? And how can I do?

I haven’t had much success in installing MineOS for any other media than an image burned to a disc.

Indeed, after that many hours, I would recommend using a different distro. JM36 is a community-made spin, and I personally recommend using MineOS-on-distro, but I can understand your reluctance if you’re new.

I’m not too familiar with what JM36 might change from a standard installation, but the troubleshooting steps should be mostly the same:

  1. how did you set the firewall to accept all connections? (iptables --list should demonstrate success)
  2. can you telnet to your server’s IP at port 22 (try from on your home network)?