Cannot use anything other than default port

I’ve created multiple server, but the client is only able to see the server on the default 25565 port. If I start a server on 25566 or 25567, the minecraft client is not able to ping/pole it. Is there a firewall inside the MineOS that needs to be updated? I installed from the MineOS ISO image into a VirtualBox VM. I’ve also updated to the latest MineOS and ‘apt-get upgrade’ to get all latest packages.

Nevermind, I found the wiki page about the firewall.

Would be nice if the web-ui would do this automatically.

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There are tentative plans to make the next webui iteration automatically open ports, but there’s a number of technical and usability reasons why it still may not happen.

For example, the 0.6.x webui you’re using right now is designed with platform agnosticism in mind. Not all OSes use iptables and it would be difficult on user expectations if users were unsure if their carefully planned security started suddenly having holes when non root users start servers.

Conversely, if only root could open those ports, then the user is already aware of the disconnect being hosting on a port and its accessibility. In short, it feels more dependable to rely on the admin to open up ports as he or she sees fit.

Further, even if a port is opened for minecraft, will it know to open for dynmap, or other plugins? Will the webui then have to fully manage all port opening–and what about if this feature is added but unavailable on a distro–need mineos detect usage of the firewall?

In the end, just explaining “yep MineOS uses iptables on Turnkey and you need to deliberately open additional ports” is both the most consistent and educational.

Either that or I’ve overthought it, haha. At any rate, that’s the official position of 0.6.x! If you think there might be a clean and elegant solution I hadn’t considered, let me know for the new node.js version I’m writing!

No problem. I had forgotten about the multiplatform support.