Cannot start server, start button does nothing

When i select start (im on latest profile, ram is set to 4 gigs) nothing happens at all. any ideas?

We will need a bit more details about the server. Are you running a vanilla server, FTB, spigot … ?

Did you accepted the EULA? Is the java sever and profile versions set?

Do you mean the OS is running with 4 Gb of RAM or you have the heap size max set to that? How much RAM is the build have? Do you have any value set in the heap size minimum?

Sorry for not mentioning,
4 gigs of ram is the max heap size, the virtual machine has 8 gigs of total memory and 4 cpu cores
this is a vanilla server
EULA has been accepted, when i press start after accepting eula same thing happens
heap size minimum is set to default (256)

Try removing the minimum heap size, leaving it blank or at 0

well, randomly when i moved the hypervisor server into its production building, it works now. idk what broke, at least it works. Thanks for the suggestion!