Cannot place/break/interact with world unless OP

So, forgive me if this has been answered somewhere, but it seems to be a unique issue for me…I hope not.
Anyways, here it is: Players cannot build blocks, break blocks, or otherwise interact with the world unless I make them OP. Then it’s no issue, away my kids go and break stuff, build stuff etc etc. This goes for any new person that joins, they can’t do a thing other than walk around in the world, until made OP.
I probably missed some sort of config option somewhere forgot to flip a switch, but I am not sure.

It also doesn’t matter if its vanilla, forge or anything. I am running the most up to date versions of MineOS and relevant plugins
Running on UNRAID docker/app

Please check the following config options:
game mode (reccomended setting: survival or creative)
spawn protection (recommended setting: deafult (16) or lower)

Please look at the following page for an explanation of the different config options: – Minecraft Wiki

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