Cannot connect ot server on LAN

I have installed a server through TRueNas and got it running ok but cannot connect to it. I have left the default port of 25565. in the log when it starts I get the folloing line

[13:27:33] [Server thread/INFO]: Starting Minecraft server on

when I go into minecraft on a tablet I get the error “cannot connect to server”
If I use portquery it shows the port on the IP adress is open and listening. Is this a problem of trying to use a tablet ? I don’t have minecraft on a PC to test that

Thanks in advance


MineOS is generally used only to host the PC version of Minecraft, though it is possible to host the mobile version “Pocket Edition”. That said, tablets running the PE edition will not be able to connect to the PC edition using the Minecraft profiles you would immediately go to in MineOS–they’re separate server types.

Almost certainly you would want to find a PC version of Minecraft to connect to a TrueNAS deployed MineOS…but if that is really not an option and you only have a tablet to play with, then MineOS may not be the ideal solution (unless you’re also ready to dig into the weeds with minecraft server types).

Thanks for the information, I have found an old PC and installed Minecraft V1.19.4 when I try to connect to the server I get the error “incompatible client please use 1.19” I cannot see anywhere to downgrade the Minecraft install on the PC, what version should the MineOS be running ?