Can'get my mineos to start newer versions

hey guys, so ive very recently downloaded mineOS i have it installed on a dedicated server, and have managed to get a game running, just a straight minecraft vanilla, the problem is the highest version that would start is 1.10.2, i eventually left that and decided to try getting some mods runnign, and downloaded forge, but the only version that seems to work is 1.8.9 and 1.9.4 i cant get any newer version up and running, also i cant seem to find any forge mods with such low versions, PS. forge 1.7.10 also wont start up, when i attemp to start a certain version is gives me the error of “start failed” “server may not be up when performing this action”. Dont suppose anyone has had this issue before?

Thats around the verions where minecraft updated its java requirements. You may have to update your java