Can I connect multiple computers to one Web-UI?

I’m currently working on designing, buying, and setting up a raspberry pi 4 cluster in my server rack, and I wanted to know if it is possible for me to set all of them to show their servers under one Web-UI.

I do have a main computer running turnkey mineos, and I’m going to try to have turnkey on the rasp pi’s. All of these are going to be going through 1 poe gigabit Ethernet switch.

I’m not quite sure how to catagorize this, so sorry if I did it wrong.

In the current main version (node) of MineOS this is not possible

In the next version of MineOS (MineOS ruby) plans for such a feature exists: GitHub - hexparrot/mineos-ruby: ruby implementation of mineos minecraft management

MineOS ruby is not ready for official release. As far as I know most features are more or less implemented, but a WebUI is not finalized yet.

Oh, that’s actually really cool. Is there any information on when it’s likely to be released?
Also, will it take much more in terms of resources?
And will all computers have to run MineOS ruby?