Can access webgui, but MineOS can't ping the outside world

I’m setting up MineOS Turnkey server (my second one). For some reason, I can’t ping the outside world (ie, although I can access the webgui locally and remotely, and start and stop servers etc. Updating the webgui also doesn’t work (couldn’t resolve host ‘’), which appears to be related to the pinging problem.

Sounds like maybe a firewall issue, but I’ve searched around and haven’t been able to fix it myself. Any ideas?


Update: If I enter “iptables --list”, there are no rules shown at all for INPUT, FORWARD or OUTPUT.

Less likely a firewall issue, more likely a network settings issue. If you type in ifconfig do you have an ip address and gateway issued to your machine?

Did you do DHCP or manual ip addressing?

I used a static ip when setting up the MineOS server. For the name server, I used (being my router) so that it should use the DNS settings of my router. I thought there might be a DNS problem, so I manually put in the DNS servers that my ISP uses into the MineOS network settings. Now it works - weird!