BungeeCord support console

Hello! I installed the server BungeeCord on the panel and I have a problem because I see normally console or I can not perform any commands from the Consoli because there is no where to enter. Is impossible to do something about this?

The only way to enter commands into BungeeCord is via SSH using screen…the UI has console disabled for Bungee and a few other types. To access the server consoles via SSH using screen, type in

screen -rd

Depending on the amount of servers you have running, you’ll have to add the first number to the end of the command (if 2 or more servers are using the same number in the beginning, then type the first 2 numbers…if 2 servers happen to use the same first 2 numbers, type the first 3 numbers…but either way in the end you’ll have console from SSH)

Once you’re done entering commands into console, you should ‘detach’ your SSH from the server console by pressing Ctrl+A then D (press and hold Ctrl+A, then release A and press D while still holding Ctrl) then you can go into another console or regular SSH or exit.

With that being brought up, I’ll also say Bungee supports the stop command like a normal server (using it in-game will stop the back-end server but using it from Bungee’s console will actually stop Bungee, the alternate command for that is end which works both in-game and via console meaning there isn’t much a reason for the kill button to be the only option, as it does corrupt some Bungee plugin’s save data)

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Because if the ‘stop’ button exists, but doesn’t work (because the software behind it doesn’t actually respond to that command), it’d be far more confusing and/or feels like the webui is broken or programmed poorly.

Kill always works because it kills a process from the OS-level.