BungeeCord not working

I am trying to use BungeeCord with my server, everything was working fine untill i started the bungeecord server. Once i put it in, non of my servers work. Like I cant stop or start any of them. Also when i try and start the bungee server it says “Server did not respond to request”

Help please?
[Edit] I also can’t delete the bunjee server…

try reloading the page.

If you want to use BungeeCord, you must change the port numbers of the other servers. For example, you want to configure BungeeCord to operate on the default port (25565), which means other servers need to run on other ports, such as 25566, etc. You will also need to open up those ports to allow BungeeCord to connect the clients to the server. Your WebUI should also be updated to the latest version.