Bunch of problems after power outage (solved)


The server was setup (newest version) and running about 6 months ago, maybe rebooted twice in this time, no problems. Then there was a blackout 3 days ago. The server does restart automatically with the return of power, but needs to be rebooted once to run Linux. Don’t know why and did not care, since it is always running. However I failed to do so and it spend three days waiting for a restart. I don’t think this to be a problem, just saying to be thorough.

After booting up Linux I have following problems in the UI::

  • It starts servers marked as “Start server on boot” without server.properties.
  • “stop” not working, need to kill it. Once I had to kill the process manually
  • Server.properties is getting deleted when I try to start a server. .
  • It does create empty archives and does not restore old once.
  • The UI give no feedback at all
  • Just noticed: the “Restore Points” do not show up anymore, It is still a backup in the real folder
  • several reboots did nothing
  • Linux seams to be working fine

Hope you have any adwise, thanks

hi xfeldt,

please bookmark https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Updating_the_Webui

and reset your scripts. depending on when you last updated your scrips determines the method you should use.

i have had power failure more than once and especially irritating because i have a ups. when the ups decides to do it’s job, no issues.

every time it fails to kick in and the server shuts down, nothing minecraft related works. fortunately, the main server data has never corrupted, yet.

this highlights the importance of backups and archives. only a few times have the backups corrupted and the archives have never failed to restore my mc servers.

so for you, i would say fix mineos by resetting the scripts then see what you can restore from any backups or archives you have. if none, then you may be out of luck.

with luck you will be up and running as you were without issues. let us know how you do.

good luck!


EDIT: forgot to mention apt-get update and upgrade or dist-upgrade as is you prefer, in another thread, mentioned by JayMontana36 is good advice:[quote=“JayMontana36, post:8, topic:1875”]
apt-get update does nothing other than updating the list of available packages, which is how the system knows when updates become available; it doesn’t actually update anything. If you meant apt-get upgrade it does actually update stuff but I personally prefer apt-get dist-upgrade as I use it all the time and have never had problems with it. The system likely crashed on you while executing the command because you had Minecraft server(s) running in the background overallocated beyond safe limits/boundaries for running Minecraft servers while ensuring proper system/subsystem operation.

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Thanks for your help, I will try that.

Edit: looks like I don’t have valid repositories… are there speciall repositories for turnkey MineOS?

Quite sure I found the problem… my harddrive is full. /var/log/kern.log and syslog are both 35GB big =D

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Yep, that’ll do it lol. I’ve also had that problem once before due to the frequency of which server archives were created and then I didn’t touch the server/system for about a month and boom no more archives and backups never completed successfully; with that the UI would lockup on me not allowing me to do anything so I had to go in with both SSH and SFTP to fix it (SSH to change permissions allowing me to modify directories with SFTP since I wanted to visualize the archive names and such, alongside laziness in doing it one by one via SSH since I did wanna preserve a few of the archives just in case). You should be able to remove both log files with root and reboot and if not then try recovery mode to do it. You may use rm -rf /var/log/kern.log to remove the kern.log file and then do the same with the syslog file.

I am downloading the kern.log right now. I want to know what is spaming the log, but thanks for the help. Deleting the other was no problem.